Turning 50 and Feeling Fabulous

Image of cupcake with 50 candles on top

What does it mean to have a birthday that ends in a zero?  A new decade, a new era, a new me?

A new decade? Yes.
A new era? Hopefully?
A new me? No.

Feeling mentally, physically and spiritually well.

People often ask, “Krissy, how do you feel? Do you feel like you’re 50?” My answer typically is, “I don’t really know. What does 50 actually feel like?”

Here’s what I know for sure: I feel really well physically, in a good mental state (which has not always been the case) and I feel well spiritually.

Over the years, I have really gotten to know and pay attention to my body. How I’m feeling, what exercises help me feel good, what foods I’m sensitive to (dairy especially) and when I feel out of balance.

Blessed to spend the past 13 of 50 years with this beauty (my daughter, Adele).

2022 was a year that I focused on my nervous system in order to be more balanced and less stressed. This has helped me significantly in my daily life. I’m no longer running to every commitment, I have less on my schedule, and I’m meditating regularly.

Overall, I’m a very sensitive person in terms of what I eat, the amount of sleep I get, and how in tune I am with nature. I’ve changed my mindset. I now believe it’s a positive attribute for me, because it keeps me in check and I don’t suffer the consequences of having an upset stomach, diarrhea, bloating, brain fog, breakouts, low energy, and disrupted sleep.

image of drink in hand by pool
Cheers to 50 great years! Looking forward to what’s next in life.

As I’m embarking on my 6th decade, I’ve done lots of inner work this past year in preparation for this milestone. I want to actually feel excited and ready for when I turn 50, and I believe I’m there. I know what I enjoy doing, who I feel great being around, and actions that make me feel well and balanced. I’m prioritizing these things in my daily life and and have learned to say ‘no’ to obligations that will not fill me up.

I also believe now that it’s never too late. I’ve had thoughts that I’m “too old” to begin new things, like start my own business, or a new workout routine. Well, I’m here to tell you, I’m not! I’m committed to continuing my journey of internal growth and curiosity and staying true to myself. I’ve also learned that the old saying is really true: laughter really is the best medicine!

image of BNK jumping off rock
Jumping into the next decade feels fabulous!

I’m choosing to go for things and not let fear hold me back. A question I often ask myself is, “if I’m 85 years old and looking back at my life, would I regret not doing that or trying it?” My answer is typically a resounding “YES”.

So, I put on my big girl pants, and live by this motto:


I wonder what I’ll do next?

One thing I know for sure–I will continue to cherish time with friends and family.

I’m here for you, 50! I’m ready to celebrate with my family in sunny Punta Mita on January 28th. I’m looking forward to this trip and so much more!