My favorite things about SPRING!

Image of family with dog.

There’s so many things I love about Spring! Per usual, I’m enjoying the longer & brighter daylight, birds chirping, and melting snow. I’m noticing the buds forming on the trees and the children playing outside.

It’s time to enjoy nature as it comes to life after a long winter nap. No one is more ready for this change of season than Yours Truly!

Image of BNK with Archie.
Seriously, have you ever seen such a sweet puppy?

I’ve always loved Spring and all that it has to offer, but my favorite things about Spring have changed a bit this year, now that we have our puppy, Archie.

I love the joy he brings to our family. His curiosity and sweet demeanor are irresistible, but what I’m REALLY excited about this season is how easy it is to take Archie for walks. I no longer need to dress warm & layer up (snow pants, boots, hat, scarves and even ski goggles at times) to walk Archie. Yes, 2-3 times a day.

I feel a sense of freedom and ease. It feels much more efficient.

But wait. . . it gets better!

Another benefit of having a cute puppy: the social aspect is nuts!

I’m meeting so many dogs, neighbors and children running around outside. What a blessing! I never realized how social being a dog mom is! I immediately feel a common bond with people when greeting them and chatting about our special pets.

TIP FOR ALL YOU SINGLE LADIES AND GENTS: GET a dog. It’s a great way to meet people! 

Can’t wait to hit the local dog park soon!

Image of Archie the dog.
Keep an eye out for this cutie at the dog park this Spring and Summer.


Krissy (and Archie)