New Beauty Boxes are Here!

Image of BNK with Beauty Box in red coat

The response to the BNK Fall Beauty Box was overwhelming! I’m so thankful for your feedback and humbled to know that you trust my assessment of the products I offer. Thank you, Beauties!

I’m thrilled to offer more of my favorite products in 2 new BNK Beauty Boxes: the BNK Glow Beauty Box (created to address the arrival of winter’s harsh, dry weather) and the BNK Wellness Beauty Box (created to help reduce stress during the busy holiday season).

Box #1: BNK Glow Beauty Box

Up first: the BNK Glow Beauty Box. This box contains the right combination of skin care products to minimize the impact of Mother Nature’s winter weather menu. Not only is this box of premium products great for YOUR skin, at only $329 per box it also make an amazing gift for friends and family. Here’s what’s inside:

Image of BNK Glow box
The BNK Glow Beauty Box is the solution for dry, winter skin!

This box is designed to give your skin the glow your skin craves throughout the driest months of the year. I’ve carefully selected a few of my favorite moisture-rich products and just a hint of color to provide a soft glow for your winter skin.

Glow Box Beauty Box Item #1: LAST Skin Repair Serum

As you may recall, LAST is one of my favorite product lines. I’ve included the Skin Repair Serum in the BNK Glow Beauty Box because it really is an effective 2-phase serum for healthy skin rejuvenation.  It’s filled with powerful plant and resin extracts, botanical alternative to retinol, cold pressed oils, biomimetic tetrapeptide, vitamins, bioferments and more active ingredients.

LAST Skin Repair Serum keeps aging skin smooth and radiant. It’s very rich, yet safe for delicate skin. The serum heals my damaged skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers in my skin. It also fights free radicals and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The rich, moisturizing ingredients provide maximum comfort long after the serum has been applied.

This serum is safe for every skin type, including combination or oily skin. The goal was to create the lightest formula possible. However, since some of the active ingredients are soluble in water or oil, we included cold pressed oils as carriers. After almost three years of testing, the final formula consists of 70% water phase and 30% oil phase. The oil phase is a balanced combination of five oils: jojoba oil, rosehip oil, perilla oil, hemp oil and argon oil. All of these oils are non-comedogenic, non acnegenic and will not clog your pores.

Glow Beauty Box Item #2: OSEA Dayglow Face Oil

This product is one of my absolute favorites from OSEA! You’ll glow all day with this seaweed-infused face oil. The nourishing formula illuminates for a dewy, glazed finish and provides a daily dose of Omegas 6 & 9 to support a healthy moisture barrier. Mineral-rich Undaria algae combined with moisturizing botanical oils delivers instant radiance to my dry, winter skin.

Image of OSEA Dayglow Face Oil in bottle
Get glowing with OSEA Dayglow Face oil!

Glow Beauty Box Item #3: Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls

The first product has been my secret weapon for years! The blend of 5 shades works well for all skin tones. I use Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls year round to give my skin a soft glow with just a hint of bronzing color. I use a large powder brush or sponge and glide it over the bronzing pearls (tap brush on side of container to remove excess powder). With swift, even strokes, I lightly sweep across my forehead, then down my cheeks, nose, chin, and neck to achieve a total sun-kissed glow.

image of Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls with brush
You simply can’t beat the soft glow from Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls.

Box #2: BNK Wellness Beauty Box

The 2nd new addition to the BNK Beauty Box line is called the BNK Wellness Beauty Box. This simple box was created to help keep your stress levels under control during the inevitable craziness of the season.

Image of BNK Wellness Box
The BNK Wellness Beauty Box feature OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil

If you are like me, you scurry through the hustle and bustle of the holidays and find yourself collapsing from the stress of trying to keep up with it all! Sound familiar?

For just $68, treat yourself to this little box of calm. Here’s what’s inside:

Wellness Beauty Box Item #1: OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil

This oil will help melt away signs of stress by activating your body’s relaxation response. I love it because the soothing blend of essential oils smells great and calms my body to ensure a few minutes of relaxation and balance during my day.

Image of OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil in bottle
Bring calm to your day with OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil.

Named after the Latin word for “wandering,” the vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body and extends from the brain stem to your neck, chest and abdomen. The vagus nerve activates the body’s relaxation response and helps regulate stress.

Wellness Beauty Box Item #2: 4-Piece Mushroom Hot Massage Stones

After applying the Vagus Nerve Oil, heat up this set of hot massage stones and place them on your skin for maximum relaxation and calm. Made from natural bian, these stones will improve the circulation of blood while relaxing muscles and relieving tension.

I hope you enjoy both of the new BNK Beauty Boxes! As you know, I would never recommend something that I haven’t tried (and loved) on my own skin. With the holidays just around the corner, pop over to my online store and purchase for all of the Beauties on your list.