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Training Takes Center Stage at AmSpa 2023

One of the biggest priorities for my business is education. The medical aesthetic industry is always evolving and new products, techniques and industry standards are continuously updated throughout the year. I believe that continual learning is a critical component for personal growth and important for the mind, body and soul.  Advanced research and instruction At […]

It’s True: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Image of BNK laughing

I love to laugh. I mean really laugh (and even pee my pants from laughing so hard sometimes). Okay, TMI, but I know you can relate. There’s certain friends in my life that I laugh a lot while I’m in their presence (you know who you are). We laugh about silly things and poke fun […]

What I’ve Learned in 2022

What a year, 2022! I’ve learned and experienced so many things this past year. What stands out for me the most is understanding and balancing my nervous system. In early February, I was rushing to get to my studio for a photo shoot. I was leaving from my hair blowout, rushing to arrive in time. […]

OSEA Malibu is Here!

Image of OSEA beauty product with bunny

It’s rare for me to develop an immediate obsession with a product line. For those who know me well, you know I can be cautious and guarded when it comes to connecting my name to a particular product or line of products–especially when it comes to skincare and wellness. Quite simply, I’m only willing to […]

New Beauty Boxes are Here!

Image of BNK with Beauty Box in red coat

The response to the BNK Fall Beauty Box was overwhelming! I’m so thankful for your feedback and humbled to know that you trust my assessment of the products I offer. Thank you, Beauties! I’m thrilled to offer more of my favorite products in 2 new BNK Beauty Boxes: the BNK Glow Beauty Box (created to […]

Experiencing Nashville

image of Krissy and Keely in Nashville bar

Well, now I know why everyone raves about Nashville! With music everywhere, incredible weather, and a warm, sunny spirit, I can say with confidence that this town is FUN! Fellow nurse (and my dear friend) Keely and I were honored to make the guest list for Revance Aesthetics’ RHA filler training in Nashville last weekend. […]