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The sweetness of spring has arrived and I’m absolutely giddy about it! Spring is a time to observe the growing light, listen to the birds, smell the flowers and feel the growing warmth from the sun.

I don’t know about you, but ever since the spring equinox occurred on March 20th, I have been feeling an internal sense of anticipation and drive.  I can see buds of new growth on the trees and can’t help but make the connection to how I am feeling. I’m excited for the shift in weather, the brighter days and the sense of renewal I feel at this time of year. It’s time to swap out the dreary white and brown landscape with delicate tones of green, blue, yellow and red. Gone are the long, dark days of winter. The days are now brighter and more colorful–we’ve arrived at a harmonious balance between day and night.

In many ways, our skin experiences the same cycle of renewal. When the seasons change, we need to change the way we care for our skin. That’s exactly why I indulge in a VI Peel every spring. The Precision Plus VI Peel helps me create a fresh, healthy foundation for my skin–in preparation for what’s yet to come (hint: summer’s delightful, but powerful, rays of sunshine will be here before we know it). For those of you who have never tried it (and for those of you who swear by it like I do), I’m offering $45 off during the month of April (or $100 of a package of 3).

To help protect your skin from the sun (and creating more brown spots and wrinkles), I’m also offering 20% off my favorite SkinBetter Science tinted sunscreens: SunBetter TONESMART SPF 68 and SPF 75 compacts. Both products adapt flawlessly to all skin tones and are a convenient way to protect yourself on the go! To order, contact me directly, as this offer is only available through me.

Enjoy the renewal and pop over to my blog to read my favorite things about spring in Minnesota.




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The Ultimate Renewal: VI Peel

Renew your skin this spring with one of my skincare favorites: a VI Peel. For a limited time through the end of April, I am offering the Precision Plus VI Peel for only $350 (a savings of $45). For years, this has been one of my secret weapons for keeping my skin youthful and giving it a soft springtime glow!

Back by popular demand: buy a package of 3 Precision Plus VI Peels and save $100!


Spring into Fresh Skin with 20% off!

Since spring is in full swing, your skin should be too! Stock up now on these BNK favorites that will help prepare your skin for a new season of the sun’s powerful rays. Get the firming, SPF protection and glow that your skin deserves . . . all at 20% off through April!

image of ageLOC® Dermatic Effects Contouring Cream

NuSkin Dermatic Effects Firming Cream

Image of Skin Better Science SPF compact

SkinBetter Science SPF 68 & 75 Tinted Compacts

Sunright Insta Glow with 2 models

NuSkin Sunright Insta Glow Sunless Tanner

* IMPORTANT: To receive the 20% discount on SkinBetter Science SPF 68 & 70, please email Krissy at [email protected]. Discount not available for purchases through BNK’s SkinBetter Science affiliate website.

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