Training Takes Center Stage at AmSpa 2023

One of the biggest priorities for my business is education. The medical aesthetic industry is always evolving and new products, techniques and industry standards are continuously updated throughout the year. I believe that continual learning is a critical component for personal growth and important for the mind, body and soul. 

The annual AmSpa conference was held at the Wynn Las Vegas on February 2-5.

Advanced research and instruction

At the AmSpa conference in Las Vegas, I attended a wide array of classes and trainings on injectables, skin treatments and business. I discovered many new pearls of wisdom and filled my bucket with excitement of what’s to come at BNK! I will be bringing new knowledge to the clinic to help radiate your internal and external beauty!

We extended our training for the Academy of Injection Anatomy training cadaver course. This course consisted of didactic anatomy lessons and hands-on injecting. We injected different color liquid (representing dermal fillers) into varying depths of the human tissue. The depth and placement is of the utmost importance for safety and results of filler injections.

During the dissection, we were able to study the cross-section of the depth of injections and in relation to anatomy (bone, fat pads, ligaments, SMAS, arteries, veins, etc.). Once dissected, we could see the actual depth of the filler injected–it was incredible to see! As a visual learner, this process improved my knowledge of facial anatomy and anatomical structures. 

I strive to remain curious, always learning and evolving as a person and in business. My goal is to give you the best possible service for your health and beauty! 

Our fantastic group of students at the AmSpa conference.

There’s so much more to discuss about my experience at AmSpa. I look forward to sharing more when I see you at the studio!