I used to think I could and would become a new person each January 1st. A time for a fresh start: a set of new goals and excitement to become the best version of me within a few weeks. Well, after awhile, I realized most of my goals were out of reach, unrealistic and not attainable.

A few years ago, I stopped the impossible goal setting and switched my focus to create a mantra/intention for the year. Unconditional self love, ease and compassion were a few of my chosen yearly mantras. That was great and I still do this today.

Today, I believe that the New Year is a continuation of my current journey. It’s a time to access how I’m feeling, where I’m headed, and whether it aligns with my higher self. It’s a time to evaluate, create new visions for the future and feel a sense of new beginnings.

In 2022, I prioritized time on the first day of each month to fully access: How am I feeling? How are my personal, health and professional goals manifesting? What changes do I need to improve? Am I achieving my goals? What steps can I take to make my goals a reality? On a monthly basis, I reflect on how I’m feeling, the ease in my life and current goals. I’ve enjoyed this process. It provides consistent self check-ins and allows me to achieve more goals throughout the year (rather than overwhelming myself at the beginning of each new year).

n the next few weeks, I encourage you to ask yourself, “Am I going to turn my world upside down with another big change or is it time to gradually improve over the next 12 months?”

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Happy New Year, Beauties!





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